Over the years, Researchers working with the former UAC compiled a Working Paper Index of scholarship and commentary specifically written about the Urban Appalachian community and the UAC. Below is the full list of “Working Papers,” many of which are available to download as .pdf files.

1. Up Here and Down Home: Appalachians in Cities Gary L. Fowler 1974
1. Up Here and Down Home: Appalachians in Cities (REVISION of original above) Gary L. Fowler 1980
2. The Implications of Appalachian Culture for Social Welfare Practice Michael E. Maloney 1974
3. Urban Appalachian Health Behavior Virginia McCoy Watkins 1974
4. Report of the Appalachian Study Project Thomas E. Wagner 1974
5. Ethnicity and Education: The Intercultural Dimension Phillip J. Obermiller 1974
6. Urban Appalachian School Children: The Least Understood of All Thomas E. Wagner 1975
7. Socioeconomic and Ethnic Composition of Catholic Parishes in Cincinnati and Norwood, Ohio David Bruning 1975
8. School Dropout or Student Pushout? A Case Study of the Possible Violation of Property Rights and Liberties by the de facto Ex-clusion of Stuents from the Public Schools Marvin J. Berlowitz 1977
9. A Comparison of Appalachian, Black and White Neighborhoods of Cincinnati, 1960-1970 Dan M. McKee 1977
10. Ethnicization and Urban Appalachians Martin N. Marger 1981
11. The Impact of Urban Housing Programs on Appalachian Neighborhoods Gary L. Fowler 1980
12. The Assimilation of Appalachian Migrants in Northern Kentucky Frank J. Traina 1980
13. Elderly Appalachians in Cities: A Case Study of Cincinnati David P. Varady 1980
14. The Urban Appalachian Ethnic Movement Michael E. Maloney 1980
15. School Dropouts: Cincinnati’s Challenge in the Eighties Michael E. Maloney 1984
16. Urban Appalachian and Appalachian Migrant Research in Greater Cincinnati: A Status Report Phillip J. Obermiller
Steven R. Howe
17. Urban Appalachians in Hamilton County: A Retrospective Analysis of Greater Cincinnati Survey Results Phillip J. Obermiller
Michael E. Maloney
Thomas C. Shaw
18. Appalachian Health Status in Greater Cincinnati: A Research Overview Phillip J. Obermiller
M. Kathryn Brown
19. More Harm than Good? Restricting Teenagers’ Access to the GED John Mark Summers 2002
20. The Uses and Misuses of Appalachian Culture Phillip J. Obermiller and Michael E. Maloney 2010
21. The Myth of Appalachian Whiteness Roberta M. Campbell 2011