Watch the recording of our Zoom celebration, “Ringin’ in an Appalachian New Year” hosted on January 17, 2021.

While in 2021 we missed the opportunity to gather face-to-face, share food, and swap stories, we worked together to make a virtual celebration as warm and down home as we could have. Folks who tuned in (from all over the world!) enjoyed a variety of entertainment and activities throughout our virtual event like bluegrass and old-time music performances from local musicians and vibrant storytelling from our event emcee, Omope Carter Daboiku, on our “main stage” while also enjoying the option of entering a “breakout room” where participants could swap recipes, create a Word Quilt, and/or share a story or poem.

Important Timestamps:

  • Introduction/Welcome: 0.00-2:00
  • Barb & Russ Childers – “Hot Corn, Cold Corn”: 2:44-7:18
  • Pineridge Partners – “Wish I was in Bowling Green”: 9:23-12:30
  • Pineridge Partners – “I’m Gonna Have a Big Time Tonight”: 13:51-16:22
  • Pineridge Partners – Judy Warren Calls Square Dance: 16:22-18:06
  • Intergenerational Fiddle Cult – (Sacred Harp) “Arkansas”: 24:02-26:33
  • Intergenerational Fiddle Cult – “Remember Me”: 29:24-33:07
  • Omope Carter Daboiku Shares Word Quilt Submissions: 35:23-44:46
  • Omope Carter Daboiku Shares 1st Story: 44:47-47:09
  • Pauletta Hansel Shares Word Quilt Submission: 47:24-48:43
  • Carter Bridge Duo – “Daniel Prayed”: 1:04:16-1:07:02
  • Carter Bridge Duo – A Carter Family Tune: 1:07:22-1:12:15
  • Carter Bridge Duo – “I’ve Endured”: 1:12:20-1:14:42
  • Tellico Family Band – “Bury Me Beneath the Willow”: 1:17:13-2:20:11
  • Tellico Family Band – (Original Song) “The Mingo Junction Train”: 1:20:15-1:24:00
  • Tellico Family Band – “Columbus Stockade Blues”: 1:24:10-1:28:07
  • Omope Carter Daboiku Shares Word Quilt Submissions: 1:28:17-1:29:03
  • Omope Carter Daboiku Shares 2nd Story: 1:29:04-1:31:41
  • Omope Carter Daboiku Shares Word Quilt Submissions: 1:31:42-1:37:48
  • Reflections: 1:38:16-1:49:37
  • Barb & Russ Childers – “Now Our Meeting is Over/Land On the Shore”: 1:49:40-1:53:10

Music – Russ Childers (host)

Lucky for us, many of our bands are family bands, which means they could stay safe in their homes while still performed for us in ours. Music performances in order of appearance:

Open Mic of Poetry, Stories & Music – Sherry Cook Stanforth (host)

Anybody who wanted to share could join the Open Mic breakout room and share a short set (four minutes or less). This Open Mic’s setting was described as a casual but intimate setting – like they were all sitting on a porch together singing, telling stories, and sharing thoughts, feelings, and memories even though they were all looking at each other through a computer screen.

Recipe Swap – Jeff Dey (host)

We couldn’t figure out how to do a potluck online, but we did figure out how to share recipes (and even a cooking demo from Jeff)! We’re hoping to use these recipes for future projects. Didn’t get a chance to submit your recipe? No worries – you can add it to our list HERE.

My Appalachian Memory: A Word Quilt – Barb Childers (host)

As to not break tradition, Barb Childers hosted our annual Appalachian Memories: A Word Quilt activity. People shared stories in advance as well as in the Zoom Chat. Omope beautifully read some of the Word Quilt submissions aloud.

The “Smoking”/Hangout Room – Nancy Laird (host)

Since we couldn’t sit around the tables and talk, we had yet another breakout room for gabbing. We called it “The Smoking Room”, but we promise it was smoke-free!

Thanks to all those who made this come together and to those who tuned in. As long time organizer Nancy Laird says, “Ringin’ in an Appalachian New Year is all about respecting old traditions and creating new ones! Each year is a little different, based on who shows up. But one thing is for sure, by the time it’s over we’re all family.”

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