UACC Cultural Resources Directory

UACC has been developing an Cincinnati Appalachian Cultural Resources Directory with the hope of recognizing our local artists and creators. We anticipate a diverse group of Cincinnati creative Appalachians to join in this initiative. Our aim is to support Applachian artists in the community, to recognize the talents of urban Appalachians, and to foster solidarity among Appalachian artists. We also hope to provide a resource for those seeking creative services and products from Appalachians, and likewise to foster the economic development of Appalachians who provide commercial or professional services.

Our goal is to present a diversity of creative Appalachians that will inspire our community to come forward and make their creative talents known. We envision the broadest, most imaginative scope for our directory. It will include not only writers and musicians and media artists, but also those who have or work in businesses, those creative in domestic arts of all sorts, those with traditional expertise or knowledge. Artists who have several talents or outlets may submit separate profiles for each or list several in the same profile.

Creating a New Profile

To create a new profile, go to the signup form at Fill in the information in the fields–note that some are optional and may be skipped.

The “i” circle after each field is a “more info” link. Just hover your mouse pointer over the “i” and you will see helpful tips for that particular field.

Editing your Profile

To edit your profile, first go to your profile page at Scroll to the bottom of your profile to find the gray “Edit Post” button. Click that button and you’ll be taken to the signup form with your profile info filled in. Edit the fields you want to change and click the “Submit” button when you’re finished.

Approval of New/Edited Profiles

For security reasons, your new or edited profile will be approved by a moderator before it appears in the directory. This usually takes a day or so. On rare occasions, the moderator will contact you with questions or suggestions or may even make minor corrections.

Getting Help

If you need help with your profile, contact UACC at [email protected].

Spread the Word

If you know creative Appalachians who are not in the directory, encourage them to create profiles. The directory and the artists in it will prosper with widespread activity and support.