This poem was created from writings done by students in Community Matters’ East Price Hill site in a workshop led by UACC Core Member and Story Circle facilitator Pauletta Hansel. The teacher, Cheryl Hodge and assistant Shawna Johns have worked with Pauletta for many years in various writing and storytelling activities when the center was part of the Urban Appalachian Council.


Where We Are From

I am from mountains and hollers

and a strong line of women.

I am my mother’s first child.

I am from Guatemala.

I’m from a big family,

a loving family.

Family is number one for us.

I am from a land of dust and clay.

Me, I’m running around playing in the mud

with the pigs and hogs without a care in the world.

I am from a place where I can be free from all.

I am from a father who was the heart of my family

and a mother who was the spine.

I am from my dad because he taught me so much in my life.

I am from love, light and Bright Blessings.

How time flies and in a lot of ways

it feels like the same.

I am the modern day mother and father.

Where I am from is Education Matters

where I am achieving my education

to better mine and my children’s lives.

I am from living one step at a time.

I am from me

where I control my own life and destiny.


Education Matters East Price Hill

November 2014

Compiled by Pauletta Hansel

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