UACC is seeking to contract for the services of a Communication Specialist.

When the Urban Appalachian Council was incorporated in 1974, one of the most effective ways to reach out to our community was through neighborhood outreach and word of mouth. The Director of one of our Community Schools said when they had student slots open, he would walk up St. Michael Street or down Staebler to let folks he met know. They would pass the word and within a couple of days the school would be full again.

When we reorganized in 2014 as the Urban Appalachian Community Coalition it was clear that much had changed in our neighborhoods so that new structures and strategies were needed. Building on historic partnerships with the support of long time allies, UACC implemented a successful regional conference in 2018 for research scholars, artists, community activists, and residents. We have celebrated and learned from the work of rebuilding our base and sponsoring the conference.

As we move forward, our challenge and our opportunity now is to reach urban Appalachians and allies who are no longer clustered in target inner city neighborhoods or near-by small towns by utilizing all the technologies and networks available. To help us do this, we seek to contract with a highly skilled and effective communicator, fully able to use both traditional media as well as social networks and other emerging formats.

A Job Announcement and application instructions follow.


Position Description

UACC seeks a part-time contractual Communications Specialist to help provide a voice for Cincinnati Appalachians by documenting and publicizing UACC’s work and supporting timely responses to relevant news events and issues as they arise. Primarily, this work will focus on UACC’s online presence: maintaining and updating the website,; establishing a positive and reliable social media presence; increasing inter-group connections through blogs, ‘up-close and personal’ articles or video clips; and sharing information on policy and issues via the website, social media, listservs and other venues.

This is an exciting opportunity to work with an organization that includes writers, musicians, storytellers and educators, researchers and community and social activists. UACC has accumulated a half-century of Appalachian research and advocacy experience and stands as a model among U.S. urban Appalachian organizations. The communications specialist will contribute substantially to the development of our public presence. The successful candidate will have experience with organizational communication and an approach that is energetic, proactive, creative, and self-reliant. Other desired qualifications include:

  • personal interest in the urban Appalachian experience
  • social media and content management system skills (especially WordPress and Facebook)
  • interviewing, multimedia and web writing skills
  • interest and initiative in promoting UACC events locally and regionally
  • ability to collaborate with and support the needs of UACC members
  • passion about justice, inclusion, and inter-group relations

Goals for this position include:

  • Increased awareness of urban Appalachian people and their contributions;
  • Increased support for UACC (money, time, expertise);
  • Increased attendance at UACC sponsored or co-sponsored events;

Work is remote; hours are flexible, possibly 5 to 10 hours per week initially; rate is competitive. Reliable technology, internet and access to transportation for face-to-face meetings and events are required. The volunteer UACC communications team will provide collaborative support as needed.

Please send a cover letter expressing your interest as well as your resume and any questions to Maureen Sullivan, UACC Core Group Chair, at [email protected] by July 27th.

The Urban Appalachian Community Coalition is a nonprofit organization rooted in the experiences of the tens of thousands of Appalachian migrants and their descendants living in the greater Cincinnati area. We believe that the irrepressible spirit of Appalachian people is a positive and powerful force in individual, family and community life.

Posted June 2019

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