The Urban Appalachian Leadership Project is envisioned as a coalition of students and young adults, community advocates, scholars, artists, and others who empower community members to acknowledge diversity within cultural identity, connect with our history and shape our future by engaging in conversations and activities exploring what it means to be Appalachian.

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An initial activity is the Urban Appalachian Leadership Project (UALP) Innovation Grant Program, which will award project stipends to young Appalachian leaders and their mentors from universities and communities across the Greater Cincinnati region. Our intent is to foster cultural awareness and leadership skills among Appalachian youth and young adults by funding project grants, hosting group leadership development activities, and promoting community engagement.

We seek Cincinnati-area youth and young adults to work with an adult mentor from an educational, institutional, or community-based organization to develop project proposals. Projects should be related to learning about and engaging in Appalachian history, culture, and current social issues affecting rural or urban Appalachians.

Urban Appalachian Research Travel Projects

Cincinnati is home to thousands of Appalachian migrants and their descendants. The Urban Appalachian Community Coalition recognizes that both the history and current experiences of Urban Appalachians shape our identities, and works to strengthen the irrepressible spirit that lives within these community and individual stories.

Through the Urban Appalachian Leadership Project (UALP) Innovation Grants and subsequent activities, we can cross generational and cultural divides by creating conversation between students and other community members—including first, second, and third generation Appalachian migrants.

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We also invite you to view a video about the Urban Appalachian Leadership Project (formerly called the Urban Appalachian Project) here.

Revisit this page and UACC Facebook page for updates on funded Innovation Grant Programs and their activities.

The Urban Appalachian Leadership Project Innovation Grants Request for Proposals and attached application is linked below as a Microsoft Word document, to download, please click the link below. Thank you.

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