UACC Core Team

The Core Team is a group of individuals who provide “staff support” to the network of UACC volunteers. This includes providing resources and coordination for the Action Groups which carry out much of the programmatic work of the organization. Working with the Stewards and the Action Groups they help provide the energy and direction for this part of the Appalachian movement.

Current Members are Michael Maloney, Maureen Sullivan (both former Executive Directors of the Urban Appalachian Council), Jeffrey Dey, Pauletta Hansel, Nancy Laird, Sherry Cook Stanforth, and Elissa Yancey. Jeffrey Stec of Citizens for Civic Renewal is consultant to the Core Team.

The goal of the Core Team is to develop an inclusive, democratic and sustainable framework in which the urban Appalachian community’s voices can be heard and expressed in action. For information, contact us at [email protected].