UACC Health

The group of volunteers working in the Health group are Stewards from the UACC Core and other Action Teams. Concerned with the health and well-being of urban Appalachians in Cincinnati, we are conducting an assessment of health needs and assets. We will interview community-based advocates and organizations active in community health, public health planners and researchers as well as service providers to develop a data collection tool that will help us compile information, opinions and anecdotes so we can prioritize health-related needs, build on community assets, and propose a Health Action Plan for the UACC.


Our emphasis is on the mental and emotional well-being of our urban Appalachian community. Our aim is to collect meaningful health-related information that can be used to identify key health improvement goals which the UACC might address in the future. With priority health issues described and community assets summarized, the Health Action Team can work with community residents and service providers to implement effective strategies to bring about positive change in the health and well-being of urban Appalachians.


To become involved in this work, contact Katie Brown ([email protected]), who is coordinating the development and conduct of this community health profile. We welcome the input of individuals with interest, information and/or relevant experience with health-related challenges and knowledge of model initiatives in our communities. We need assistance from a cross-section of people to develop a comprehensive and in-depth data collection tool. In order to include all critical perspectives, we need suggestions of people and/or organizations that should be approached in this data-collection process. We also need individuals willing to conduct these interviews and/or identify and summarize existing data sources with relevance to our objective.