UACC Communications Team

Our work within the communications team is about creating spaces that support conversations and the sharing of information by and about urban Appalachians. This Action Team takes the UACC’S Calling as its guide and includes website development for the UACC, managing our listserve, maintaining the UACC events calendar, consulting with other UACC Action Teams, and creating the UACC’s weekly blog which features stories and essays from a variety of urban Appalachian voices. We also maintain an urban Appalachian Community Coalition Facebook Group at


Urban Appalachians are a significant population in the Greater Cincinnati area, but have not always enjoyed full access or consideration in important conversations in the city. The UACC is actively involved in supporting and advocating for Appalachian voices and concerns, and the Communications Team seeks to support that work through various media and spaces for entering conversations. We use a distributed strategy for sharing work between us and work to support and encourage the communication efforts of other UACC Action Teams.


The UACC Communications Team welcomes involvement in our work, whether it is to write a blog or share information about a relevant event. Please contact John Bealle ([email protected]).