UACC Archives

On the Archives Team, we effort to collect media and materials that document and discuss migrant and urban Appalachian experiences that may interest contemporary journalists, poets, screenwriters, novelists, scholars, and future generations.

We direct photos, correspondence, publications, A/V materials, and every kind of written material about urban Appalachians to the archive in the Hutchins Library at Berea College. This includes newspaper clippings; pamphlets and brochures; meeting minutes; programs and program advertisements (including posters); recordings of speeches, concerts, and poetry readings; documentaries; interviews and/or transcripts; and any other material relevant to migration or urban Appalachians. This is part of a living history that tells a story that needs to be both retold and preserved.

The Hutchins Library archive is already home to the Southern Appalachian Collection as well as multiple personal and organizational collections specifically dedicated to urban Appalachians. As such, the Berea archive has become the premier repository and publicly-accessible resource for urban Appalachian materials. In addition to preserving records, the Berea archive is actively engaged in enlarging and promoting the use of its collection of urban Appalachian materials and welcomes all who wish to use them.

Books and other resources on Appalachia can also be donated to the Frank Foster Memorial Library at Education Matters in Cincinnati, Ohio. This library will remain in Cincinnati at Education Matters as a resource collection for all persons interested in Appalachia. You may now browse the Frank Foster Library online at To use the library, contact us at [email protected]

The Phillip J. Obermiller papers and Appalachian Migration Research Collection can be found online at

We welcome the assistance of anyone else interested in this aspect of UACC’s work. If you have any questions or donations, please contact Phil Obermiller at [email protected] who leads this Action Team. You can also contact Rachel Vagts, Head of Special Collections and Archives at Berea College at [email protected].