1. Who were your favorite relatives, and why?
2.Are there any family stories, jokes or songs you remember?
3.What were your parents like?
4.Did you know your grandparents? What were they like?
5.What schools did you go to, and what were those like?
6.Do you now think of yourself as Appalachian? Why or why not?
7.If you have children, what do you hope to pass on to them?
8.What neighborhoods have you lived in?
9.How have the neighborhoods you’ve lived in changed?
10.What do you like best about the neighborhood you live in now?
11.What’s the biggest problem or concern of your community?
12.What should be done about that, and how can you help?
13.What jobs have you had and what do you do now?
14.How did you come to do your work?
15.What are some of your favorite things to do now?
16.What is the best thing that ever happened to you, and why?
17.What is an event that changed your life, and how?
18.What advice would you give a young person growing up today? OR What would you like adults to know about young people growing up today?
19.Are there other people you think I should interview about (living in this community, growing up Appalachian, etc.) and/or anyone you would like to interview?

The best questions are ones that interest you and get your friend talking. Follow up questions, such as “And then what happened?” can be very useful in keeping the stories flowing. You might also check out these tips from StoryCorps: https://storycorps.org/participate/tips-for-a-great-conversation/