Karen Arnett

Urban naturalist


Community organizer
Material art
Social service and advocacy


Resident of the invisible forest and advocate for nature in the city. Urban forestry point person for the city of Mt. Healthy. Low-key community organizer when the need arises. Happy to do edible weed walks, or share my perspective about how we can be connected with the earth even while living in the city.

I identify as having Appalachian heritage but feel pretty disconnected from it. My father's family was from Salyersville, though he was a product of the urban migration and disavowed his hillbilly roots out of shame. My grandmother Orpha Salyer was part of the Appalachian urban migration - moved to Dayton and worked in the Delco Battery factory. My father passed along to me a love of nature and a connection with the earth. He couldn't help but share a kind of humility and generosity of spirit that also sprang from those roots.

Contact Info

[email protected]
Mt. Healthy , Ohio