Fred Bartenstein

bluegrass music scholar



Fred Bartenstein is a leading authority on the history and culture of bluegrass music. His website, Bartenstein and Bluegrass, provides a history of Fred's five-decade involvement in bluegrass music, research findings on generations of bluegrass artists, books for sale, links to other web resources, photographs, and a listener's guide to bluegrass vocals. Growing up in bluegrass, Fred Bartenstein had the privilege of knowing and working with virtually all of the music's first generation. The editor of Muleskinner News from 1969-1974, he has also been a broadcaster, musician, festival MC and talent director, composer, record producer, compiler of the first bluegrass market research, founder of a regional association, and a lifelong fan.

Fred Bartenstein has devoted his life to Appalachian mountain music, both as a musician and a scholar. He is viewed as a leading authority on the history and culture of bluegrass music. His life and work have been chronicled in a tribute article from Bluegrass Unlimited magazine, "Fred Bartenstein: The Right Place at the Right Time", by Kurt Mosser. In his professional life, Fred has been a manager and consultant for nonprofits, government and business. He currently teaches country and bluegrass music history at the University of Dayton. Fred Bartenstein was named a Distinguished Achievement Award recipient by the International Bluegrass Music Association in 2006.


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