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Simply put, I'm a storyteller and an entertainer. I enjoy writing, but I also enjoy content creation and digital media. I write stories that I self-publish (for now). I create (film, hot and produce) YouTube vlogs and videos that are entertaining. I'm a Twitch live streamer in the gaming community. I host several different podcast series. I have my degree from the University of Cincinnati in 19th Century American History, which is very reflective in my artistic work and passions. My goal is to become a published author and radio or TV host. Right now, I use my talents as the Digital Marketing Manager for blue manatee press, a local indie children's book publishing company.

My dad's family is incredibly Dutch. We've been in America since before the Revolutionary War and even fought in the Continental Army. However, my mom's family is very Appalachian ( a strong mix of Irish and Cherokee). Their history is lesser known (and hard to track on Ancestry) due to the lack of education, I'd reckon. I mean, my grandpa has 3 different possible birth dates according to Ancestry. My mom's dad (Roscoe Doyle James) grew up and enlisted in WWII from Pactolous, KY and even spent a lot of childhood all around Harlan County. All 7 other of my mom's siblings were born in SE Kentucky. She being the 8th and baby of the family, they moved to Adams County, OH before she was born in the very early 1960s to seek a job opportunity in a factory there. They grew up very poor, but she still enjoyed her childhood. My family still holds a lot of same traditions: Whiskey/moonshine, family poker nights, family potluck dinners, and a very strong Mountain Pentecostal upbringing.

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