UACC Cultural Resources Team

Our work within the Cultural Resources team is concerned with the gathering and dissemination of information about Appalachian history and culture, including an online cultural resources registry – currently under development. Cultural Resources include artists, musicians, writers and speakers on various topics, as well as cultural competence training information, films and other materials.


This group will ensure that UACC has a functioning library, online cultural resources registry, and in-service training program for educators and service providers. Its members will also help provide information for the UACC website and social media. The UACC library at Education Matters will be a focus of these activities. Coordination of the library will be provided by Maureen Sullivan with assistance of other volunteers.


UACC has access not only to multimedia materials on Appalachian history and culture but to artists, writers, and craftspeople who embody it. There is broad public interest and it is our job to provide the means to address that interest. Appalachian artists, writers, poets, craftspeople, and others can join our soon-to-come online cultural resources registry. Individuals can volunteer to assist with the operation of our library or to serve as speakers or trainers on Appalachian culture.


Rev. Joe Henry and Maureen Sullivan, along with other UACC volunteers, provide leadership for making the resource materials available and for the gathering and dissemination of information about Appalachian history and culture. If you have questions or interests, please contact Maureen at [email protected].