UACC Community Engagement

Community Engagement takes the form of a number of overlapping initiatives designed to bring people together to discuss, celebrate and participate in Appalachian cultural education and advocacy. Click here for information on upcoming events.

Neighborhood Based Events

Through the work of its Stewards, the Urban Appalachian Community Coalition continues to lend support to community-driven activities in neighborhoods once served by the Urban Appalachian Council. Coordinated by Nancy Laird ([email protected]), these include:

Ringin’ in an Appalachian New Year, an annual celebration held noon- five pm the Sunday of the Martin Luther King Day Weekend, Ringin’ includes a potluck dinner, music, square dancing and more.

Lower Price Hill Community Festival is an annual celebration of Appalachian Music held in Lower Price Hill the weekend before the larger Appalachian Festival at Coney Island. 2017 marks its 40th year.

Activities sponsored by community partners and supported by UACC in various ways have included the Lower Price Hill Women’s Group, The Back to School Fair, the Bend in the River Festival, Women’s Health Fair, Hope Over Heroin, the Northside Square Dance, and many more.


Urban Appalachian Literary Salons

The Urban Appalachian Community Coalition hosts a literary salon at Lydia’s on Ludlow the first Thursday of most months (not including summer). The goals of the salons are to bring urban Appalachian literary artists to the attention of our community and to use their work as a springboard for engagement around Appalachian culture and identity. The Urban Appalachian Literary Salons are directed by Pauletta Hansel ([email protected].)


Urban Appalachian Project

Currently in the development stage, this new initiative will recruit, train and mentor Young Adult Community Leaders both on and off university campuses. An initial activity of the UAP will be to host a series of Community Conversations to: 1) create spaces to explore questions about Appalachian identity through guided discussions, 2) foster strong community ties and 3) encourage the expression and acceptance of cultural differences. Project leaders are Nate May ([email protected] and Katie Trauth Taylor ([email protected])


Re-stitching the Seams: Appalachia At Its Borders

For the first time in its forty-plus year history, the annual Appalachian Studies Association Conference will be held in Cincinnati April 5-8, 2018 and hosted by a community organization, rather than an academic institution. With an emphasis on Community, this conference will spotlight six big issues that will be woven throughout: migration, health, education, economic development, environmental sustainability, and diversity and inclusion. The call for proposals and conference publicity will invite participants to engage around ways we are working and can work for the health and well-being of individuals and communities in all of these areas.

An abundance of cultural events will be offered in schools and to the community at large in the weeks leading up to the conference, and throughout the conference weekend. We hope to stitch together the diverse voices and minds of community members, activists, artists, youth, and researchers to provide a richly textured and colorful fabric of ideas, plans, workable solutions, and support as we move forward in the 21st century. Debbie Zorn ([email protected]) serves as conference chair and Omope Carter Daboiku ([email protected]) leads Local Arrangements.


Story Circles

Pauletta Hansel ([email protected]) is available to lead this community development practice for identifying the assets, needs, and goals of our Urban Appalachian community. Story Circles emphasize deep listening as a process for groups to explore and engage with their own histories and current concerns in meaningful ways. This community story gathering process connects people with each other through stories and uses those stories to help identify the assets, needs and goals of our urban Appalachian community. Through story circles, we engage people in the work of the Urban Appalachian Community Coalition, and assure that the wisdom and knowledge of all community members can be incorporated into our activities. Read some more about Story Circles on our blog.