UACC Stewards

The Urban Appalachian Community Coalition’s work is created, organized, and developed by a large collaborative group of “Stewards.” We all consider ourselves stewards of a rich, half-century-old tradition of advocacy and cultural education work for and by Urban Appalachians in the Cincinnati Area. We organize our work in the following Action Teams.

UACC Core Team

The Core Team provides support and coordination for the wider Stewards group and their work, which is organized in various Action Teams.

Action Teams


A key role of the UACC is to assure that policy makers and service providers understand and meet the needs of greater Cincinnati’s Urban Appalachian community.


An effort to collect media and materials that document and discuss migrant and Urban Appalachian experiences that may interest contemporary journalists, poets, screenwriters, novelists, scholars, and future generations.

Communications Team

The Communications Team helps provide a meaningful communications infrastructure to support the various advocacy and cultural work of the UACC.

Community Engagement

UACC engages in a number of overlapping initiatives designed to bring people together to discuss, celebrate and participate in Appalachian cultural education and advocacy.

Cultural Resources Team

Cultural Resources include artists, musicians, writers and speakers on various topics, as well as cultural competence training information, films and other materials. Work is concerned with the gathering and dissemination of information about Appalachian history and culture, including an online cultural resources registry, currently under development.


Work concerned with the health and well-being of urban Appalachian communities in Cincinnati.

Research Committee

One of the oldest continuing research committees in the Cincinnati area, this group meets bimonthly to share updates about projects that focus on or benefit Urban Appalachian communities.

Stewards at Expo

UACC Stewards at the Women’s Health Expo:
Jameelia Bowie and Nancy Laird