This page outlines recommendations for the UACC Vimeo account that were devised when the account was created and also any changes made subsequently.


The UACC Vimeo page is a public website. The intent is to collect UACC public media in one place so that someone visiting the site for a particular piece will also see the broad scope of our media initiatives.

However, the thinking was that posting a video is not a robust media action, that in addition to posting the media on Vimeo it should be embedded in a blog post that announces and explains its presence. Some descriptive text should be included that describes the content and will potentially appear in web search results.


Observe basic housekeeping. When you upload, change the media title from the filename to something descriptive. Delete any media files that don’t belong in the portfolio, for example, files from incomplete uploads.


On the main page of a video, the settings button on the left under the title manages the settings for that video. When you click settings, you’ll see on the left a panel of screens with categories of settings. Note: when you navigate to a different settings page, any unsaved settings will be lost. You must SAVE SETTINGS on each screen separately.

Here are the settings that are recommended for UACC media:

Title – fill this in
Description – optional, but encouraged
Content Rating – All audiences
Thumbnails – you may upload a pic, otherwise I think it uses the first frame

Anyone – anywhere – anyone – download – collections

If you are embedding the video in a post, click this option. Then just above the top-right of the video frame, click Get Embed Code and copy the embed text. Then paste it into the blog post or other web page.

Creative Commons License: Attribution Non-Commercial

The licensing option we decided on was Attribution Non-commercial–definitely not “no attribution”! The idea is that we would want and encourage people to share these stories and maybe even incorporate them into their own civic storytelling–but not to use them in any kind of commercial way.