Finding Home in Heritage, Building Identity

The Urban Appalachian Project (UAP) recognizes Cincinnati as home to thousands of Appalachian migrants and descendants, and works to strengthen the irrepressible spirit that lives within our stories. The shared heritage of Urban Appalachians invites both history and our current experiences to shape our identities.

Together, we are a coalition of college students and young adults, community advocates, humanities scholars and artists who empower community members to connect with our heritage, engage in conversations about what it means to be Appalachian, and acknowledge diversity within cultural identity.

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The Urban Appalachian Project will award yearlong stipends to a core group of young Appalachian leaders from universities and communities across the Greater Cincinnati region. This core group will engage diverse residents in the transformation and betterment of our communities through community research projects and conversation events. The guidance of the Urban Appalachian Community Coalition will inform the collection of oral histories and planning of events, workshops and discussions around urban and rural identity and culture. At its core, the UAP gathers, circulates and invites diverse conceptions of Appalachian identity among diverse audiences.

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With your help and the support of our communities, we can cross generational and cultural divides by creating conversation between college students and community members—including first, second, and third generation Appalachian migrants. Participants in the UAP will gain insight into scholarly research on Appalachian culture, learn methods for expressing Appalachian identity, build strong relationships between regional universities and nearby communities, and encourage acceptance and appreciation of cultural identities and differences.

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