The Urban Appalachian Leadership Project is envisioned as a coalition of students and young adults, community advocates, scholars, artists, and others who empower community members to acknowledge diversity within cultural identity, connect with our history and shape our future by engaging in conversations and activities exploring what it means to be Appalachian.

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An activity is the Urban Appalachian Leadership Project (UALP) Innovation Grant Program, which will award project stipends to Greater Cincinnati residents to plan and implement projects that expand applicants’ knowledge of and involvement with well-defined aspects of Appalachian history, culture, and/or current issues affecting rural or urban Appalachians.

Cincinnati is home to thousands of Appalachian migrants and their descendants. The Urban Appalachian Community Coalition recognizes that both the history and current experiences of Urban Appalachians shape our identities, and works to strengthen the irrepressible spirit that lives within these community and individual stories.

Applications will be accepted and reviewed on a continuing, case-by-case basis. While the project should be completed within 12 months, there is not a submission deadline. Applicants of any age may apply for Mini-grants of up to $2000. Adult partners are required for applicants under 18. Awards will go to projects:

  • rooted in one or more of the disciplines of the humanities or sciences, for example, arts and culture, community development, history, politics, labor, education, language, ecology, health issues, etc.
  • engaging both project participants and the public in topics related to Appalachia or of interest to Appalachians

UACC is committed to encouraging leadership development within our Appalachian community. Projects including young people should assure that youth participants are actively engaged with the development of the proposal, not just the proposed beneficiaries. Each project must promote knowledge-sharing through some form of community engagement or public presentation.

UALP will provide guidance and support for all projects, including hosting regular gatherings for information sharing and community building.

Funds have supported projects such as:

  • student-led educational outreach
  • researching West Virginia coal mine history
  • arts-oriented performances at schools, festivals, and the 2019 Appalachian Studies Conference

General ideas for project-related activities:

  • Planning and hosting Appalachian cultural events such as literary and/or musical performances, film series, or theatre and art exhibitions
  • Creating/archiving material uniquely reflective of Appalachian issues including oral histories
  • Presenting lectures, panel discussions or workshops on issues that connect to Appalachian themes or topics of value
  • Action research related to social matters affecting urban and rural Appalachians, including health conditions, economic or other social injustices, school leaving, unemployment, and the opioid crisis
  • Development of educational and other resources for use by the Appalachian community

For more information about the Urban Appalachian Leadership Project (UALP) Innovation Grant Program please click here or email at us [email protected]

We also invite you to view a video about the Urban Appalachian Leadership Project (formerly called the Urban Appalachian Project) here. 

Revisit this page and UACC Facebook page for updates on funded Innovation Grant Programs and their activities. Visit our archived blogs to read about past projects

The Urban Appalachian Leadership Project Innovation Grants Request for Proposals and attached application is linked below as a Microsoft Word document, to download, please click the link below. Thank you.

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