Dear Appalachian artist, organization, venue, or other cultural provider —

Thank you for your registration for the UACC Cultural Registry.  Remember to jot down your new password, which you’ll need to log into your account.  While you’re waiting for your account to be approved, here is some basic information about how the registry works.

UACC has created this registry so that our community can more easily find Appalachian artists and other providers. Registration is free, and any artist whose work is pertinent to Appalachia may create an account. When your account is approved, you’ll be taken to the profile page where you can provide information about what you do. You’ll need to supply the basic contact information, plus give a description of what you do, and also describe your relationship with Appalachia. You’ll be able to upload media and provide links to online materials.

newgroupAt first, your new profile will contain only your userid, name, and email. To add fields to your profile, click the edit profile “gear” at the right, then select “Edit Profile.”  Here are a few suggestions for completing your profile:

  • A new account inserts the userid into the “Artist Name” field.  So one thing you’ll want to do is change the Artist Name to the real name of you or your organization. Both the “Artist Name” and “Artist Overview” fields pertain to the profile header and will appear also in the Cultural Registry member directory. You can edit the “Artist Overview” text either in the field box or the header above.
  • Only the fields you use will appear on your profile, so just leave blank any that you don’t need.
  • Provide an address only if you want your audience to come to it and a phone number only if you want to be called — these are not required fields.
  • Give a basic description of what you do in the field under the header, then go into more detail under “Artist Biography” and “Artist Description”.
  • Be sure to describe your pertinence to Appalachia. Is your family Appalachian? Are you knowledgeable in some facet of Appalachian culture? Do you provide services to Cincinnati Appalachians?
  • After you fill in the form, scroll to the bottom and click “Update Profile” to save your information.  Note that the “Tell us a bit about yourself…” field is required before you can save the form. To add or update later, just login using your userid and password.
  • Note that once you create an account, it is accessible to the public. Users will normally find you by searching, so if you haven’t entered any searchable text, you probably won’t be found.
  • Uploaded photos will display a two-dimensional crop tool in they are larger than the minimum size. However, the main “Cover Photo” that appears at the top (and in the directory) has a set ratio/area and should have an aspect ratio of around 2.7:1. The small avatar-size “Profile Photo” to the left of the Artist Name will default to the UACC “mountains and buildings” meme, but you may upload a different one, preferably small and square dimensions.

When you’re done, scroll to the bottom and click “Update Profile” to save your changes.